Using Landscape Lighting to Enhance Your Landscape and Protect Your Home

Using Landscape Lighting to Enhance Your Landscape and Protect Your Home

With warm summer nights just around the corner, there’s no reason you should only get to enjoy a beautiful backyard for half of the day. And for the modern home, a simple light on the back porch doesn’t do the whole job anymore.

Most people don’t realize this, but landscape lighting actually does so much more than just keep your property lit at night. It doubles as a security and safety system.

Installing motion detecting lights throughout your property can not only provide peace of mind, but also mimic human activity, which can prevent nighttime intruders from being in or around your home, even when you’re physically not at home.

And it’s not just human intruders that need to be warded off either. Nighttime pests like deer and racoons can sometimes be swayed away from entering your property with an efficient lighting system. (It should be noted that this is only a solution for areas where incidents with pests are less common. If the issue is consistent, landscape lighting can only buy you time before the critters get used to your defense grid while you look into getting a permanent solution figured out.)

Aside from security, landscape lighting can also assist with its most obvious and understood feature, helping you see where you’re going at night.

Although this might not seem like a big deal, improper or inadequate lighting can be one of the biggest causes of home accidents. To keep family and guests from potential injuries, it’s important to install a full landscape lighting system that can keep your entire property illuminated while in use at night.

Aesthetically, landscape lighting also keeps your property looking warm and inviting at night. It makes little sense to invest time, effort, and money into beautiful landscaping to only be able to see it while the sun is out.

The nighttime ambience can keep your property open and lively, even when nature says it’s time for bed. With landscape lighting, there’s no reason why you can’t have a neighborhood midnight barbecue if that’s what you want.

Much like everything else in the landscaping industry, modern technology is always helping advance the ways that you can interact with your property. Many landscape lighting grids can be fully implemented with Wi-Fi lighting to provide advanced lighting solutions or simply make it easier to turn your lights on and off when you want.


For the best results, find a qualified local contractor and electrician who can help install a landscape lighting system that’s integrated across your entire property. Your investment will leave you satisfied on that first 75-degree summer night that you can enjoy well past bedtime thanks to your new lights!


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