Winterization Is Proper Lawn Sprinkler Maintenance

Winterization Is Proper Lawn Sprinkler Maintenance

Anybody who lives on Long Island knows how fast the temperature seems to drop during that sweet spot in late September to early October. Since it’s about to start hitting that point where water freezes, any leftover water in an irrigation system’s pipes is going to freeze over if not taken care of. This temperature drop is a signal that it’s time to winterize the sprinkler system.

Winterization is the process that has all of the excess water that’s been left in the sprinkler pipes over the summer months pushed out of the system via air compression and drainage.

When there’s leftover water in the sprinklers, it freezes and expands during the cold winter months, which can crack and break the entire system. Since water takes up more space when it’s frozen, the ice can often be too much for the sprinklers’ pipes to handle and even just a little crack can disrupt the entire process and leave the whole thing unoperational.

This leads to costly, unexpected repairs and a massive headache upon realization that the lawn no longer has an automated watering system come springtime. The best thing to do would be to take preventative measures and get those sprinklers winterized as soon as October or November.

Getting this done requires a professional blow out of the remaining water that stays within the irrigation system.

Through a blow out, any issues that would normally be caused by even the harshest of winters can be stopped before it becomes a problem. After closing the main shut off valve, the sprinklers can be drained and pumped for proper winterization.

This should only be done with the right tools and experience, as trying to drain the irrigation system and pump air through it can actually do more damage to the sprinklers if done incorrectly. The problems can include everything from pipes that are only partially drained, which end up still cracking in the winter time, to personal injury caused by trying a blow out with air pressure that’s too high.

It might sound like a hassle to coordinate a time for professionals to come and drain a lawn irrigation system, but it will always be more effective than fixing the problems that come with freezing and cracks in pipes, which won’t even be discovered until the point where people are already turning on their sprinklers for the year again.

In the end, this will save time and money as it’s more effective to take preventative measures than it is to spend those resources fixing the problems that come with not winterizing.

The only way to ensure that a law sprinkler or irrigation system is going to be able to make it through the winter is to get it winterized with an adequate drain or blow out by people who have the right tools and knowledge.

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