Elements of Automatic Irrigation System

Elements of Automatic Irrigation System

Quailty Digital Controller/Timer
The controller is the heart of the system. In a real sense, it is the money meter. The controller directly influences your water cost by controlling the watering schedule. Sophisticated features such as seasonal adjust (also called water budgeting), programmable rain delay and multiple programs (at least three are needed usually) are key tools for saving money. A expensive controller can pay for itself many times over in reduced water costs if it has the right feature set. As the most visible item in your system, the controller is a tip-off to home inspectors and appraisers. If they see a cheap controller they know to warn their client about your sprinkler system. If they see a commercial controller, they assume the system was installed by a knowledgeable person.

Installed below the ground, usually near the water source, valves regulate water flow to the sprinklers.  

Backflow Preventer
Backflow Preventers prevent water from your sprinkler system (and therefore any fertilizer or chemical contaminants) from re-entering the clean water supply.

Lawn Sprinklers
Installed in a special pattern for complete and even coverage, a properly designed automatic sprinkler system delivers precise coverage without gaps or runoff.

Rain Switch (Optional)
A Rain Switch signals your system to shut off automatically when it's raining. There's no sense watering when nature is doing its part. The Rain Switch is a highly reliable and inexpensive option that saves countless gallons of water.

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