Selecting a Professional Irrigation Contractor

Selecting a Professional Irrigation Contractor

After you have determined that you want to have an irrigation system installed in your garden or lawn, you then need to select a professional irrigation contractor. They need to make sure that your sprinkler system is designed properly and will suit your lawn and garden’s requirements. You need to know the questions that you should ask potential irrigation contractors to make sure that they can solve your watering problems. By asking the right questions you should be satisfied with both their answers and sprinkler system that is installed in your lawn and garden.

Do some research and then ask the contractor which brand of irrigation equipment that they intend to install in your lawn and garden.

All of the professional products will have information listed on the internet and you should be able to learn more about the product performance specifications and features. In addition, you can determine the reputation of the distributor and the manufacturer. You should also ask about product warranties. The best irrigation sprinklers are usually available with a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

You want the contractor that you hire to do your irrigation system installation to have some reference websites. If the contractor has a good reputation you should be able to determine all of their work and ensure that you look at websites that are similar either in scope or size to your own plans for your lawn and garden.

You might also ask them if you can look at any projects that they are currently working on. This should give you some idea of what their team is like and how they work. Although a new contractor will sometimes be very motivated to building a good reputation and do quality work, an unscrupulous contractor who has experience will undoubtedly leave a detectable trail. The advantages of experience can help your contractor guide you through potential problems or pitfalls that you may not see. When combined with numerous past projects, experience is a winning combination.

The contractor that you select should provide you with a bill of materials that is detailed that he intends to use on the project, as well as a cost breakdown of the design of the project and installation. You should check the prices with a local supplier if you are unsure of the prices the contractor quotes. Prior to beginning your project to irrigate your lawn and garden, you should get some of your own quotes for materials because superior installation and products can be more expensive. You should probably avoid contractors whose quote is much lower than other contractors. These types of contractors usually will save installation money and time at the expense of the reliability of your sprinkler system in the long run.

This is the way to select a professional irrigation contractor. Anytime you make a large purchase you should research your contractor and his product to determine how he does business. If you are unsure, check with an expert in the industry and trust your instincts.

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