The Benefit Of Irrigation Systems In Long Island Wineries

The Benefit Of Irrigation Systems In Long Island Wineries

As the third largest winery region in the U.S., New York is home to 320 wineries, producing an astounding 12 million cases a year. At the very center of the wine industry is Long Island, which is notorious for its delicious reds and crisp white wines.

As the youngest and fastest growing wine region in New York, Long Island offers a maritime climate that encourages strong wine production. The terroir of the area features successful drainage and solid water-holding capacity, making it an ideal location to grow grapes.

While summer rains help the region to remain fertile, additional attention is needed in terms of irrigation to retain the integrity of the soil. Irrigation systems provide as little or as much water these grapes need to thrive and can improve the overall quality of the grapes.

The Need For Irrigation Systems At The Long Island Wineries

The history of Long Island explains the need for irrigation as the region was formed through glacial moraines. This provides an extensive and sandy outwash plain that penetrated the soil with essential nutrients to grow grapes for wine production.

Soil condition is also aided by moderate temperatures that offer a long growing season for grape production. The clay and sand-based soil combined with a nearby aquifer and a cretaceous bedrock sub-water table, provide the perfect recipe to grow intense grape varieties in the East End region.

The two major wine regions of Long Island reside in both North and South Forks. These locales produce their own varieties of grapes, building on the reputation of the New York wine industry. Both North and South Forks hold most of the Long Island wineries which are listed as an American Viticultural Area – an area designated as a wine region by U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.

Together, the Long Island wine region extends a massive 3000 acres and boasts as many as 50 wine producers. This is a far cry from the 17 acres that were planted in 1973 when the first winery was established.

Matching The Right Irrigation System For Wine Production In Long Island

Irrigating the Long Island region is essential to the production of quality-grown wine that the more than 1.2 million visitors taste each year.  Irrigation Solutions offers a wide range of irrigation systems that can provide the hobby grape grower an ideal way to keep their home winery in Suffolk County flourishing.

At Irrigation Solutions, we are dedicated to developing, installing, and servicing irrigation systems that fit your needs with the utmost effectiveness. We want you to be satisfied with your irrigation system and strive to provide you service that exceeds your expectations.

No matter what type of application you are looking to hydrate, Irrigation Solutions can help provide you with the right irrigation solution. We can match an irrigation system specifically to your water requirements and give you the tools you need to be successful in your wine production year-after-year. Make Irrigation Solutions your partner in irrigation systems.


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