What You Need to Know about Sprinkler Systems

What You Need to Know about Sprinkler Systems

Drip Irrigation (also known as micro irrigation or trickle irrigation) is a irrigation method that slowly applies water to plant roots by depositing the water either directly to the root zone or on the soil surface. Drip irrigation systems use a device called a micro spray head which sprays water on a small area which make it an efficient, low volume, and reliable way to water. This irrigation system is one of the most important innovations in watering since the impact sprinkler was invented in the 1930’s.

In ancient times, drip irrigation was accomplished by using clay pots that were buried and filled with water which then seeped into the soil. This type of irrigation is an efficient, low volume, and, reliable way to water hanging baskets, vegetable gardens, ground cover, and flower beds because the water is delivered at or close to the root zones of the plants. The benefits of this type of irrigation include less work for you, healthier plants, and design flexibility. Irrigation Solutions can install a drip irrigation system for your home or business.

A drought causes a lack of water that will affect the overall health and beauty of your properties and landscapes, your vegetation, and your lawns. A sprinkler system audit can save you money if it is done by a certified irrigation contractor by keeping your irrigation system working efficiently.  You can be ready for a drought and help your property recover from one by being proactive. Performing maintenance regularly will help to make sure that water doesn’t over-spray onto unnecessary areas but rather is distributed evenly onto your lawn. In addition, you can save money by having a sprinkler system audit conducted by a certified irrigation contractor which will help to keep your sprinkler system operating efficiently.

Properties that have suffered the prolonged and short term effects of drought conditions can be brought back to life with a redesigned sprinkler system. A head matrix of sprinklers can be designed to diagram the locations of sprinkler heads, the type of sprinkler heads, and the number of zones to increase the efficiency of watering. In addition, regular maintenance checks can be scheduled, evaporation can be reduced by watering when the sun is down or low and the temperatures are cooler, and a drip irrigation system employed. Long Island Sprinkler systems will keep you prepared in time of a drought.

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