Winterize Your Sprinkler System or Else

Winterize Your Sprinkler System or Else

One of the biggest reasons why a sprinkler system needs repair is the failure of the owner to winterize the sprinkler system in the fall. This can result in numerous problems that all require repair in the spring. To prevent the repairs from being necessary, here is how to winterize your sprinkler system.

With the cold weather of winter just around the corner, you need to begin preparations for the winter by removing all of the water in the lines of your sprinkler system and close it down.

"It is as important to winterize your sprinkler system as it is to put antifreeze in your automobile’s radiator."

The consequences of not having this service completed in a timely manner may be disastrous. If the water should freeze, it will expand which can result in frozen pipes that will crack and split.

Replacing or repairing broken sprinkler system equipment is unnecessary and expensive. Your sprinkler system should be winterized sometime during October and November and certainly no later than Thanksgiving.

If you wait until after Thanksgiving to winterize your sprinkler system, then you run the risk of considerable damage to it because the weather can cause the sprinkler system to freeze.

In addition, winterizing your sprinkler system will save other equipment on your property including water lines to sheds, backflow devices, pool equipment, hot water heaters, cabanas, and hose bibs.

Most lawn sprinkler system contractors in the Long Island area recommend that you have your sprinkler system winterized prior to Thanksgiving. Most of these contractors will schedule winterizing by area to keep costs down and to maintain efficiency.

Because the days are so short in the wintertime and they have a very limited window of time to winterize all the sprinkler systems most contractors will ask for your cooperation ahead of time.

You should put your clock in the rain/off position and close down your own main shut off valve so that the contractor can then winterize the sprinkler system from the solenoid valves and won’t have to inconvenience you by having you wait at home for the contractor to arrive. For extra savings and benefits you should also renew your service agreement with them.

If you have any special needs, questions or concerns you shouldn’t hesitate to call your Long Island sprinkler service repair contractor.

Remember, winterizing your sprinkler system by Thanksgiving can save you a lot of time and money in the spring.

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