Lawn Sprinkler Maintenance and Repair Tips

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As part of our commitment to servicing our valued customers of the Long Island region, we provide useful tips and recommendations to keeping your lawn green all year long! Read our lawn care articles and pass them on to your friends if you wish.

Winterization Is Proper Lawn Sprinkler Maintenance

Anybody who lives on Long Island knows how fast the temperature seems to drop during that sweet spot in late September to early October. Since it’s about to start hitting that point where water freezes, any leftover water in an irrigation system’s pipes is going to freeze over if not taken care of.

Could Our Sprinkler Systems Add Property Value?

For an accurate appraisal you should contact an appraiser or a real estate agent. In many cases, a well designed and properly installed system made with professional grade parts from Irrigation Solutions will add more to the property value than the cost of the parts

DIY Sprinkler System Repair

There are numerous sprinkler repair contractors on Long Island, before you call here are some common repairs that you can do yourself:

Elements of Automatic Irrigation System

The controller is the heart of the system. In a real sense, it is the money meter. The controller directly influences your water cost by controlling the watering schedule

Guide to Selecting the Best Sprinkler

There is only one answer to this question. You should contact the irrigation specialists at Irrigation Solutions to consult you about the best way in which to water your lawn and plants.

How Deep Should Water Penetrate?

Apply enough water to wet the soil to a depth of approximately six to eight inches. A soil probe may be used to check moisture depth in soil. Maintaining a soil moisture depth of six to eight inches usually requires a rate of one to two inches of water per week

How Much Water Does Your Lawn Need?

Most lawns require a minimum of one inch of water per week. This can be accomplished by watering each section for one hour at a time. To ensure that your lawn is getting an inch per watering, place an empty tuna can in the lawn

How to Find a Reputable Irrigation Contractor

Once upon a time a homeowner wanted an irrigation system installed so he hired a irrigation contractor to install one. After the contractor finished the installation and was paid for the work, the homeowner found that the system didn’t work and called the contractor.

How to Minimize Water Run-off

Use multiple start times if the ground will not absorb water at the rate it is applied. This is usually necessary for pop-ups, which water at a fairly high precipitation rate

Long Island sprinkler system contractors

There are many sprinkler system installers in Long Island. Irrigation Solutions is an owner-operated organization that offers the finest sprinkler technicians available. They are considered professional and prompt; committed to quality in their service.

Our Sprinkler Systems Stop Fungus

Timing of watering is crucial. Water early in the morning and complete before 9 AM.

Preparing Your Sprinkler System for Spring

It’s important to have your irrigation system activated in the spring to ensure that your sprinkler system is working properly when the warm weather arrives. Our irrigation experts will turn the water on at the tap or well, examine the system fully, and adjust the heads as needed.

Professionally Installed Sprinkler System

There are many reasons to invest in a professionally installed sprinkler system. These include the performance and value that you will receive, lower water bills with your landscape living longer and healthier, using less water, and the amount of time you will save because the sprinkler system will do the watering for you

Rotor or Spray Sprinklers: Which is Better?

Rotors work best for large areas (over 50 ft) without a lot of complicated lawn area shapes. The only time they work well in smaller yards is in unobstructed rectangular areas that happen to measure at an even multiple of the radius distance

Selecting a Professional Irrigation Contractor

After you have determined that you want to have an irrigation system installed in your garden or lawn, you then need to select a professional irrigation contractor.

Sprinkler System Installation & Maintenance

Sprinkler system maintenance and proper lawn watering is absolutely necessary if you want to maintain a green lawn in the summertime.

Tips on Annual Sprinkler Service Contracts

We offer a convenient service contract with several options available that best fit the needs of your lawn, flowers, and shrubbery. This pre-paid service contract is mailed annually and the price for each option varies based on your individual irrigation system.

Watering Tips for Your Irrigation System

Water at the right time of day (between midnight and sunrise) from May to October. Watering when the sun is low and temperatures are cooler minimizes evaporation by as much as 30 percent.

What Happens During a Drought?

When there is a dry spell, grass begins to turn brown. Flowers need to be watered more frequently. Dirt patches dry up. Cracks form across the surface of the ground

What Happens to Your Grass During a Drought?

As the soil begins to dry out, the lawn will show a lack of available moisture by wilted leaf blades. This condition is evidenced by a lengthwise folding or rolling of the blades, caused by a loss of water pressure within the plan

What You Need to Know about Rotors

Rotors are sprinklers that shoot a jet of water. The stream is moved back and forth across the area to be watered. Over a period of time, the water distribution is uniform

What You Need to Know about Sprinkler Systems

Drip Irrigation (also known as micro irrigation or trickle irrigation) is a irrigation method that slowly applies water to plant roots by depositing the water either directly to the root zone or on the soil surface

What You Should Know about Spray Sprinkler

The spray sprinkler sprays water over the whole area to be watered the entire time it is watering. In other words, the spray pattern does not move back and forth like a rotor

When Should You Water Your Lawn?

Never water your lawn or landscape in the heat of the day. This may actually cause more harm than good. The droplets of water that remain on the grass, plants and flowers actually wilt the plant once the hot sun warms the water

When to Water Your Grass

When walked on, the footprints remain visible for several minutes. When the grass blades don't spring back, it means wilting is imminent so manually turn on the water long enough to supply a full inch.

Why Choose Our Irrigation Systems?

Properly measured and timed watering promotes optimum lawn and shrub growth. This generates a lush green landscape and increases the attractiveness of your property.

Why Does Your Lawn Need Water?

Water is probably the most important nutrient that your lawn requires, however, there are good and bad ways to water your lawn.

Winterize Your Sprinkler System or Else

One of the biggest reasons why a sprinkler system needs repair is the failure of the owner to winterize the sprinkler system in the fall. This can result in numerous problems that all require repair in the spring.

The Benefit Of Irrigation Systems In Long Island Wineries

As the third largest winery region in the U.S., New York is home to 320 wineries, producing an astounding 12 million cases a year. At the very center of the wine industry is Long Island, which is notorious for its delicious reds and crisp white wines.