Sprinkler Activation


Be sure your system is ready too!

Sprinkler Activation

Once the cold winter weather is past, it’s time to get ready for the growing season and activate your irrigation system. As soon as there’s even a hint of spring in the air, we are ready to come out to your site and start your irrigation system up so you’ll be all ready for the new season. After winter’s sub-freezing temperatures, it takes a professional irrigation company to check your sprinkler’s lines and connections, making sure it’s ready for the summer.

Here’s what our sprinkler activation consists of:

  1. We will turn on the water and closely examine the entire system, making sure that its set up properly and that all the connections are intact.
  2. We will test the water flow and adjust sprinkler heads as needed in order to deliver the precise amount of water needed by each sector of your site.
  3. If any repairs are needed, we are happy to take care of them and we will only charge you for additional parts.
  4. After evaluating the unique watering needs of your site, we will set the times in the controller to make sure that every corner of your property receives the correct amount of water.

Irrigation Solutions is a certified irrigation contractor and proud members of the Better Business Bureau. We are licensed irrigation contractors servicing and installing sprinkler systems in Long Island, New York.

Suffolk County License #38320-RP
Southampton License #L001427
East Hampton License #7279

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